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This course is hands-on and lab based. Developers will learn through coding and building with React.

Learn from the experts with years of experience in building and scaling production applications.

Courseware and labs will be custom-built for your team's interests, level, and stack.

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Course Details

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Course Summary

React Native is a framework for using Javascript and React to create native mobile applications. With React Native, you get the best of both worlds. It combines the intuitive, declarative structure of React with the performance, look, and feel of Native applications. React Native also has the potential to alter how developer teams are structured, allowing web, iOS, and Android teams to share knowledge, resources, and even code.

The Build Mobile Apps with React Native training course will guide developers through the entire React Native development process. From setting up their development environments all the way to deploying an app to the app/play store. Along the way developers will learn how to work with many of the core React Native components and API’s, as well as best practices for file structure, styling, and more.


Developers who have some experience with React and are ready to leverage those skills to build robust, production-level mobile applications.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, developers will understand or know how to:

  • Know the benefits of developing mobile applications with React Native.
  • Set up an environment for running Android and iOS applications
  • Use many of the core React Native components.
  • Use React Native API’s to add functionality to your app.


This is a three-day, hands-on course.

Course Curriculum

  • What is React Native?
    • Abstracting React from the DOM
    • Advantages of React Native
    • React Native vs Web Apps
    • React Native vs React web
  • Getting started
    • Installing React Native
    • iOS setup – XCode
    • Android setup – Android Studio
    • Run an example project in iOS and Android simulators
  • Core React Native Components
    • Establishing a layout with <View>
    • Displaying text with <Text>
    • Accepting user input with <TextInput>
    • Adding images with <Image>
    • Making components interactive with <TouchableHighlight>
    • Displaying data with <ListView>
    • Changing screens with <Navigator>
    • Expanding touch capability with <GestureResponder> and <PanResponder>
  • Styling
    • Issues with CSS
    • Inline Styles
    • Create Immutable style objects with Stylesheet.create
    • Pass styles as props
    • Positioning components with flexbox
  • React Native APIs
    • Using fetch to retrieve data
    • Getting a user’s location and handling permissions
    • Accessing stored photos with CameraRoll
    • Adding animations
  • Deployment
    • Deploying to Apple App Store
    • Deploying to Android Play Store

What Developers Say

I had trouble understanding a certain concept, and told the instructor that I just didn't get it. While the class was busy with an exercise, he sat down with me, gave me material to read, and made sure I understood it before I moved on. I really appreciated that.

Developer at Paypal

The instructor was very knowledgeable, making it easy to ask questions and provided good conversation about the topic at hand.

Web Developer at Dell

I liked that we could determine what to learn, no time was wasted.

JavaScript Developer at RetailMeNot

The hands-on exercises were well through through, which made the understanding of the course clear.

Front-End Engineer at Dish Networks

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