"Any questions asked were answered in full. I appreciated that in every step of the way there, there were real world examples."

"The content was cutting edge and practical. Our instructor explained things clearly and the hands-on labs contained practical content, and I could use the techniques right away."

"[The Instructor] is a master. Talks quickly, to the point, holds attention of class and keeps it friendly and light."

"I loved the examples. They focused on the topics and in short time. Great!!"

"The instructor has a nice ability to engage the class and he follows up with everyone during class. That's why no one fell behind."

"The course material can be immediately applied to my current project & [the instructor] had a wealth of knowledge and was very patient with different learning paces."

"Very knowledgable instructor, the material delivery was effective and simplified."

"I came in with almost zero knowledge in [the language]. I can now go back with the confidence and tools to be able to pick up the language effectively."

"The course was very valuable, spot on.  It provided a great intro to Python, how its used, basic editor and syntax, functions, and usage.  Sample programs and exercises were very well tailored for an intro class."

"[The instructor] was able to tailor part of the course to address some of my particular computational needs."

"Awesome job! One of the best company trainings I have attended."

"I had trouble understanding a certain concept, and told the instructor that I just didn't get it. While the class was busy with an exercise, he sat down with me, gave me material to read, and made sure I understood it before I moved on. I really appreciated that."

"The instructor was very knowledgeable, making it easy to ask questions and provided good conversation about the topic at hand."

“I liked that we could determine what to learn, no time was wasted.”

"The hands-on exercises were well through of, which made the understanding of the course clear."

"Excellent job. I enjoyed the teaching methods and the instructor’s openness to discussions and explaining."

"Awesome job! One of the best company trainings I have attended."