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jQuery Background

jQuery is an extraordinarily popular JavaScript library. It excels at handling events and making very specific changes to the DOM on a webpage. We are proud supporters of the jQuery Open Source community and a member of the jQuery Foundation. If you are looking for expert-led jQuery training, you’ve come to the right place.

More about jQuery

jQuery is a JavaScript library and, as of 2016, still the most popular library ever.

jQuery takes common JavaScript tasks and makes them much easier to code.  This includes tasks like finding and changing DOM nodes and responding to events (e.g. clicks, hovers). All of these tasks can be done in ‘vanilla’ JavaScript, but the code ends up being much more verbose. jQuery makes many development tasks easier.

jQuery became extremely popular when Internet Explorer was still in wide use. IE often had quirks/features that were implemented differently than other browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Getting applications and sites to work equally in the same browser was a trying task in vanilla JavaScript. jQuery made this much simpler to achieve.

There has been a pushback against jQuery’s ubiquity in the form of the “you might not need” sites or satire ‘framework’ sites like Vanilla JS.  These are developers trying to point out that many tasks that jQuery does can be done easily in JavaScript. This is a matter of opinion but if one can avoid including jQuery, you can lower the memory footprint of your applications.

All this said, jQuery is a very well maintained, regarded, and powerful JavaScript library. Even as it fades, it’s still one of the best for handling quick DOM changes, AJAX, events, and animations.

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About Our jQuery Training Courses



Our instructors are JavaScript experts with experience building and scaling production applications.

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Developers learn best through coding and building. Our courses are at least 65% hands-on. No death by powerpoint here.



All content and labs are designed for each specific course and group of students.


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Current jQuery Training Course Offerings

We currently offer the following jQuery training courses:


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