Expert-led, Custom-built, hands-on Jasmine Training Courses for Developer Teams.

We offer a wide variety of Jasmine Training Courses. But if you don't see one you like, we'd be happy to build a custom course for your team!

Expert-led, hands-on Jasmine Training Courses for Developer Teams.

Jasmine Background

Jasmine is a behavior-driven open source framework used in testing code written with JavaScript. Behavior-driven development is a style of writing tests that focuses on specific syntax of the language used (in many cases, JavaScript). It does not depend on any other JavaScript frameworks. Jasmine’s syntax is very clean and human readable.

More About Jasmine

Jasmine is an open-source automated testing framework used in testing code written with JavaScript. Programs have a variety of functions and classes. Jasmine tests that these functions/classes behave how the developer expects. Jasmine is often used in tandem with Angular, but can be used outside of that. Jasmine features a clean, human readable syntax with syntax like expect() and describe(), making it a lot more readable than other testing libraries/APIs.

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About Our Jasmine Training Courses



Our instructors are JavaScript experts with experience building and scaling production applications.

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Developers learn best through coding and building. Our courses are at least 65% hands-on. No death by powerpoint here.



All content and labs are designed for each specific course and group of students.