Expert-led, Custom-built, hands-on Git Training Courses for Developer Teams.

We offer a wide variety of Git Training Courses. But if you don't see one you like, we'd be happy to build a custom course for your team!

Expert-led, hands-on Git Training Courses for Developer Teams.

Git Background

Git is arguably the de-facto version control system for open source software projects. Over the past few years, Git has made in-roads in both commercial software development and enterprise application development, replacing the other SCM tools like SVN, VCS, and ClearCase.

More About Git

Git is an extremely powerful and popular version control system. Git allows developers to keep track of changes made to files (and roll back those changes if you’d like). It also makes it easy to merge the contributions of multiple developers.  

Git’s command line syntax is far from self-explanatory.  

Git favors power and flexibility over usability. It’s 150+ commands are a mash-up of metaphors and verbs (fetch, clone, pull, commit, rebase, stash, checkout, etc.) – you can’t apply your previous knowledge of those words to make sense of how Git works.

These are the common commands to know how to work with (there are over 150).

Git init to initialize a repository

Git add will add files to staging area

Git commit will record a snapshot of the files in the version history

Git pull will update your local repo from a remote repo (fetches then merges the changes)

Git clone will get a copy of an remote repository.
Github provides access control but gives you collaboration features such as wikis, task management, and bug tracking and feature requests for every project. Some call it the developers social network.

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About Our Git Training Courses



Our instructors are JavaScript experts with experience building and scaling production applications.

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Developers learn best through coding and building. Our courses are at least 65% hands-on. No death by powerpoint here.



All content and labs are designed for each specific course and group of students.

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Current Git Training Course Offerings

We currently offer the following Git course: