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Backbone Background

Backbone (aka BackboneJS) brings structure to web applications that can often become an enterprise level mess! Backbone utilizes the MVC pattern and creates objects to manage application complexity. Backbone does this through event-driven communication between the model and the view, which is generally much easier to read than large callback-heavy jQuery apps. Backbone is an opinionated framework which makes it easier to understand for developer team (assuming they are following the conventions in the right way).

More about Backbone

Backbone.js (aka Backbone) is a library that allows for using MVC patterns in web application development. MVC allows for developers to practice a separation of concerns in their code.  The big takeaway is that we can separate the model from the view layer, making code easier to reason about. This structure is one of the things that make it easier to developer Single Page Applications (ie a lot of the web apps we use everyday).

Backbone consists of the following modules: Views, Events, Models, Collections, and backbone Routers.
Backbone is used by Reddit, Linkedin, Bitbucket, Amazon, and amongst many others.

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About Our Backbone Training Courses



Our instructors are JavaScript experts with experience building and scaling production applications.

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Developers learn best through coding and building. Our courses are at least 65% hands-on. No death by powerpoint here.



All content and labs are designed for each specific course and group of students.


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Current Backbone Training Course Offerings

We currently offer the following Backbone course: