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The Introduction to Ruby training course provides a hands-on introduction to Ruby and the entire Ruby ecosystem designed specifically for engineers responsible for creating, running, and testing software developed in Ruby.

Introduction to Ruby begins with a high-level overview of the Ruby language and platform, and compares it to alternate platforms like Java and .NET. The course then progresses into a hands-on examination of the language and writing simple Ruby applications. With the core Ruby programming foundation laid, the course examines things like writing object-oriented Ruby, working with the built-in Ruby libraries and APIs, finding external libraries with Ruby Gems, and testing with Cucumber, Selenium, etc.

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This is a one-day hands-on course.

What Happy Developers Say

The instructor did a good job of adjusting content to meet different skill levels.
Developer, Intuit
The instructor was very knowledgeable, making it easy to ask questions and provided good conversation about the topic at hand.
dell  logoWeb Developer, DELL
The instructor demonstrated strong broad knowledge as well as technical in-depth when appropriate
Engineer, Starbucks
I liked that we could determine what to learn, no time was wasted.
Javascript Developer, RetailMeNot
I had trouble understanding a certain concept, and told the instructor that I just didn't get it. While the class was busy with an exercise, he sat down with me, gave me material to read, and made sure I understood it before I moved on. I really appreciated that.
JavaScript Developer, PayPal
The instructor has a great attitude and pacing. Amazing how much he knows about JS!
Junior JavaScript Developer, Macy's


  • Describe the advantages / disadvantages / differences of Ruby compared to other languages
  • Implement a basic Ruby application
  • Understand the structure of the Rails framework
  • Implement a simple unit test using Ruby
  • Understand how to leverage Ruby in a continuous integration environment


Web Developers and designers interested in learning Ruby.

Course Outline

  • What is Ruby
    • History
    • Versioning
    • Where is it used
    • Related technologies (jRuby)
    • Competitive landscape
  • Setting up Ruby
    • Downloading / installing Ruby on the Mac
    • Core Ruby configuration concepts
    • Working with TextMate
, RubyMine, or other IDE
  • Ruby Basics
    • Objects
    • Keywords
    • Comments, Variables, Functions, Blocks
    • Flow control operators
  • Developing with Ruby
    • Arrays
    • Classes
    • Exceptions
  • Working with Files
    • Creating and Writing to files
    • Reading from files
    • Deleting files
  • Introduction to Test::Unit
    • What is a unit test
    • Writing tests
    • Running tests with Rake
  • Introduction to Testing with Cucumber
    • What is Cucumber
    • Writing features
    • Running features in the browser with Selenium
  • Putting it all together
    • RubyGems
    • Using SVN or Git with your Ruby Projects
    • Testing (unit, functional, integration)
    • Debugging
    • Q/A
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