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React is a popular open source javascript library released by Facebook used for creating modular, simple, component-based user interfaces. As opposed to being a full framework, it's the view component in a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture without the limitations of templates. This creates flexibility for using best in class options to best suit the needs of a project. GraphQL is a query language for your API that allows you query your preferred database with types, fields, and functions defined by you. Together these tools can be used with a variety frameworks and software options and provide many advantages in modern app development including changing options without having to rewrite your React or GraphQL code.

In the Using React with GraphQL training course, developers will learn how to update/modify/retrieve database records using GraphQL.

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This is a one-day hands-on course.

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What Happy Developers Say

The instructor did a good job of adjusting content to meet different skill levels.
Developer, Intuit
The instructor was very knowledgeable, making it easy to ask questions and provided good conversation about the topic at hand.
dell  logoWeb Developer, DELL
The instructor demonstrated strong broad knowledge as well as technical in-depth when appropriate
Engineer, Starbucks
I liked that we could determine what to learn, no time was wasted.
Javascript Developer, RetailMeNot
I had trouble understanding a certain concept, and told the instructor that I just didn't get it. While the class was busy with an exercise, he sat down with me, gave me material to read, and made sure I understood it before I moved on. I really appreciated that.
JavaScript Developer, PayPal
The instructor has a great attitude and pacing. Amazing how much he knows about JS!
Junior JavaScript Developer, Macy's


  • Create a GraphQL service.
  • Create a React view.
  • Use GraphQL and React to Provide Efficient Real Time Updates in a User Interface.
  • How React and GraphQL Fit into your Stack.


Developers with a basic understanding of model-view-controller concepts who need simple tools to create complex user interfaces and a comprehensive querying tool that can be adapted to suit all needs.

Course Outline


  • Important Model-View-Controller Concepts
  • Advantages of React
  • Advantages of GraphQL

GraphQL Concepts

  • Querying (Fields, Sub-Fields, Traversals)
  • Passing Arguments
  • Using Aliases to Avoid Conflicts
  • Reusable Fragments
  • Defining and Using Variables for Dynamic Arguments
  • Debugging with Operation Names
  • Directives
  • Mutations
  • Meta Fields
  • Scalar Types
  • Enumeration Types

React Concepts

  • Writing Components
  • Component Properties
  • Using props to Access Components
  • Markdown Usage and Support
  • Using GraphQL to Connect the Data Model
  • Managing the Reactive State
  • Event Handling
  • Callbacks
  • Optimization

Bringing it all Together

  • Suggested Tools
  • Managing your Environment
  • Debugging
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Craig recently released the book, The JavaScript Framework Guide: AngularJS, Backbone, and Ember. Craig has been a guest on the Hanselminutes and JavaScript Jabber podcasts. He’s an avid blogger, and several of his articles have been published in Peter Cooper’s poplular “JavaScript Weekly” newsletter. He also has his own podcast, “The Front-End Developer’s Cast”.

Craig has been a developer f... read more



Eve has been focused on web and curriculum development since college, where she studied user interface design and usability. Since then, she has consulted as a project manager and coder to deliver interactive web applications, from e-Learning portals to mobile apps.

Well-versed in HTML5, CSS3 and other front-end technologies, Eve has lent her interface and training skills to the redesign of ... read more



With backgrounds in technology, business and education, Jason brings a broad array of experience to BDA. He‰'s been programming since he was a kid and currently runs a business, 303 Velocity, that builds iOS and Android apps for its clients. They also do consulting work to help publishers get more downloads and sales for their apps. He has taught mobile classes for Yahoo! and Intel employees an... read more



Azat is a Technology Fellow, Manager at Capital One, and a JavaScript/Node.js expert with several online courses on Udemy and Node University, and 12 books published on the topic, including top-sellers React Quickly (Manning, 2016), Full Stack JavaScript (Apress, 2015), Practical Node.js (Apress, 2014) and Pro Express.js (Apress, 2014). In his spare time, Azat writes about tech on Webapplog.co... read more

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