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Backbone.js is a web application framework that facilitates the creation of full-stack applications. It help structure applications by providing models with key-value binding and custom events, collections with a rich API, views with declarative event handling, and connects to existing APIs over a RESTful JSON interface.

The Backbone.js Fundamentals training course covers the fundamentals of Backbone and building applications with Backbone. This includes how to work with Models, Collections, Views, Routing, and Events. Developers will learn the Backbone way of architecting applications.

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This is a two-day, hands-on course.

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What Happy Developers Say

The instructor did a good job of adjusting content to meet different skill levels.
Developer, Intuit
The instructor was very knowledgeable, making it easy to ask questions and provided good conversation about the topic at hand.
dell  logoWeb Developer, DELL
The instructor demonstrated strong broad knowledge as well as technical in-depth when appropriate
Engineer, Starbucks
I liked that we could determine what to learn, no time was wasted.
Javascript Developer, RetailMeNot
I had trouble understanding a certain concept, and told the instructor that I just didn't get it. While the class was busy with an exercise, he sat down with me, gave me material to read, and made sure I understood it before I moved on. I really appreciated that.
JavaScript Developer, PayPal
The instructor has a great attitude and pacing. Amazing how much he knows about JS!
Junior JavaScript Developer, Macy's


  • Proficiently code Backbone Single Page Applications.
  • Understand the Relationship of Models and Controllers.
  • Develop Individual and Collection Views.
  • Route the Single Page Application.
  • Utilize Backbone Best Practices.
  • Consume RESTful Web Services.
  • Automate a Backbonejs Build.


Web developers with prior JavaScript experience.

Course Outline

  • Overview
    • Backbone.js Fundamentals
    • Web Development Ecosystem
    • Hello World Application
  • Models
    • Extending Backbone.Model
    • Constructors
    • Model Attributes
    • Model Functions
    • Validation
    • REST Services
    • Events
  • Collections
    • Extending Backbone.Collection
    • Constructors
    • Manipulating Collections
    • Traversing a Collection
    • Events
  • Views
    • Extending Backbone.View
    • Rendering Content and Manipulating the DOM
    • Templating with Underscore.js
    • Templating with HandleBars.js
  • Routing
    • Extending Backbone.Router
    • History
    • Route Parameters
    • Events
    • Changing the Route
    • Using the Router as a Controller
  • Events
    • Binding / Unbinding Events
    • Event Gotchas (i.e. listenTo vs on)
    • Triggering Events
    • Event Aggregator
  • Conclusion
    • Application View
    • Application Architecture
    • Building the Application for Deployment
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