How Does Function Hoisting Work in JavaScript?

Hoisting can be a tricky part of JavaScript to understand. This article will give a concise definition of hoisting and simple examples of it in action. In JavaScript, the default action is for declarations to be moved to the top of the code. Declarations are moved to the top of the current scope by the […]

How to Make Circular/Curved Text with JavaScript

Creating circular text, or text on an curved path, in webpages may seem like somewhat of a intimidating task. There isn’t really a straightforward way to achieve it with standard HTML and CSS. There is a JavaScript plugin or two out there with some pretty decent results, but using plugins means extra dependency and load time associated tacked on to your project. […]

Accessibility 102: Beyond alt=””

Communication is a fundamental social process, a basic human need and the foundation of all social organization. It is central to the Information Society. Everyone, everywhere should have the opportunity to participate and no one should be excluded from the benefits the Information Society offers. — Geneva Declaration of Principles, United Nations World Summit on […]


jQuery Selectors 101 (Video Summary)

appendTo offers JavaScript Training Courses for Software Teams. In addition to this, we also offer free jQuery/JavaScript training videos for individuals on our YouTube channel. Below is a free video with an introduction to JavaScript. Full Video Transcript I’m going to talk about two things specifically. We’re going to introduce some terms that are used […]

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Using the JavaScript Apply Method

Functions are one of JavaScript’s most powerful features. Functions in JavaScript allow programmers to create dynamic input/output systems, code more efficiently, and they allow for management of scope. Next to objects, functions in JavaScript may be the single most important feature of the entire language! Explore JavaScript Courses Functions in JavaScript are special because they […]

How to Clear an Array in JavaScript

Arrays are awesome! They allow you to store multiple values in a convenient, indexed set. In JavaScript, arrays can be declared literally or they can be initialized using the Array constructor function. But wait… What if you want to empty an array instead of creating one? Hmm… perhaps not as straightforward. Have no fear, there are […]

Service Vs. Factory in AngularJS

Service vs. Factory in AngularJS could become very confusing for users. In general, both are singleton objects for persist/share data between different parts in our application. [test2Service] and [test2Factory] are doing exactly the same thing, and the part which uses them, refers them exactly the same (as you can see below). The only difference between […]

Extending Your jQuery Application with Amplify.js

##Introduction As your application grows you will find that it is important to abstract the various pieces of your implementation to help you easily extend the functionality and make it less painful to maintain. appendTo has recently released a set of JavaScript components that can assist with common problems in front-end development. The library was […]

C# Corner: Creating JavaScript Objects Part 2 – Prototype

##Introduction In this mini-series we are reviewing some of the various ways you can create objects in JavaScript. Thus far we have covered the Constructor Pattern and we will continue to cover the following patterns * The Prototype Pattern * The Constructor and Prototype Pattern * The Object.create() Pattern ##The Prototype Pattern As we’ve already […]

C# Corner: Creating JavaScript Objects Part 4 – Object.create()

Instead of creating objects with the new keyword, there is an alternative way to create objects using the Object.create method that is new as of ECMAScript 5 (also referred to as ES5). Thankfully, there is also a pollyfill for browsers that don’t yet support the native Object.create method. [Douglas Crockford]( posted the following code snippet […]