CSS: Making the Switch from Static to Relative Units

CSS gives web developers plenty of options when it comes to defining lengths for HTML elements. In a broad sense, defining lengths in CSS can be broken down in to two categories: using absolute versus relative units. Absolute units are probably most commonly done with pixel lengths with the familiar px unit. Other absolute length units exist (e.g., mm, […]


CSS: Simple Sticky Footer

The sticky footer… The oh-so-sought-after expanse at the bottom of the page that contains contact information, site navigation, a call to action, or whatever else you might want to chuck in there. It’s the element that knows its place in the world (wide web) and embraces it by staying in it’s place. A well executed sticky footer encourages your site visitors to further engage; it […]

Three Quick Reasons to Learn Web Design

In today’s world, having a powerful, professional-looking website is an essential for just about anyone looking for a new career. As an individual, you can build your own brand and promote yourself with a website or blog. As a business owner, having a modern website is critical if you want to keep up with your […]

Three Ways to Incorporate Responsive Web Design Best Practices

Raise your hand if the term “Responsive Web Design” has come up at some point in your work day – maybe in a meeting about UX/UI (user experience/user interface), or Google’s recent algorithm changes. Maybe, while telling someone what you do for a living, they brought up a series of buzzwords to show they know […]

Coordinating teams and responsive design

Responsive projects are a big undertaking. There are a lot of things to track. Storie, devices, requirements, wireframes, mocks, and bugs just to name a few. In a recent Responsive project, we worked with [Lenovo](lenovo.com/us/en/) and [Sparkbox](http://seesparkbox.com/) to create a responsive version of Lenovo’s existing e-commerce website. The project consisted of three teams. Sparkbox created […]

The Cost of Implementing Responsive Web Design Later

I’ve done more than a few responsive website implementations and there are two ways that it can happen. A site can be coded responsively or you can be tasked with doing a retrofit to make a fixed-width site responsive. Is it better to get a desktop site out quicker and then work on making it […]

Responsive Web Design

Why Responsive Web Design Is Right for Business

The surge in mobile usage continues to skyrocket, yet there are still many businesses that haven’t yet implemented responsive web design (RWD). RWD makes it possible to effortlessly bring your website’s content to mobile users through the development of one code base that makes updates and maintenance simpler, quicker and more cost effective. Last week, […]