EASY Speech Recognition and Speech Synthesis in JavaScript

As a society, we’ve become increasingly intrigued by the concept of machines that can talk and listen. From fictional AI systems like HAL 9000 in 2001: A Space Odyssey (“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.”), to Apple’s Siri ,and Google’s new Assistant, our culture seems inexorably drawn to the idea of digital beings with ears and a voice. Implementing such […]

Off Canvas Navigation with CSS & a Checkbox

Off canvas layouts are a popular way of displaying content, especially navigation, hidden from the main viewport. There are quite a few JavaScript and jQuery off canvas plugins, but in the latest revision of my personal blog I decided to attempt the off canvas layout without any JavaScript at all. The solution I came up […]

l33t literals in JavaScript

Object literals in JavaScript are both a blessing and a curse. In statically typed languages like C# or Java, objects have defined APIs which cannot be modified after compilation. Because JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, objects have no such restriction. I may add or remove properties and methods as I see fit during runtime. […]

EdisonJS – Organized Routing for Complex Single-Page Applications

Over the past few years, “single-page applications” have steadily grown in popularity within the web development industry. As developers have grown accustomed to placing the bulk of the responsibility for rendering these “thick client” apps within the browser, new libraries that provide repeatable patterns for solving frequently encountered issues when using a client-heavy approach have […]

ScreenCast: Speed up image spriting with Compass

Creating image icon sprites is a common development practice to save some file weight and reduce HTTP requests. But there’s one pitfall to using sprites: maintenance. Adding more icons to sprites or editing them is a real pain and takes valuable time away from writing code, especially when you have to recalculate the positions of […]

Getting to know Bower: a package manager for the web

How long does it typically take you to identify and download all of the third-party libraries and dependencies that you want to use for a front-end web development project? Minutes…hours? Maybe even days? It can be a time-consuming and tedious process identifying and downloading all of the libraries you want to use in addition to […]

Encapsulate What Varies

Encapsulate what varies. This principle has become my motto for development. Whenever I evaluate my own code (or the code of others), I always look for ways to use this principle to make code more expressive and maintainable.

Request-Response Pattern in Postal.js

Brian Edgerton looks at a simple implementation of the request-response pattern and how it can be used to abstract data access in an application. Brian deep dives into his experience developing large scale applications, specifically, regarding the architecture patterns that are used to make appendTo’s code maintainable and extendable.

Windows Store Applications with jQuery 2.0

appendTo has been working with the support of Microsoft Open Tech since the fall of 2012 on making a version of jQuery work in developing Windows 8 Store Applications. With the upcoming jQuery 2.0 you’ll now be able to build Apps with the support of jQuery.