Wijmo UI Library builds on top of jQuery UI

In the May/June issue of CODE Magazine there is an article from Chris Bannon of ComponentOne called “Creating Wijmo: The New JavaScript Library in Town.” Chris takes us through the need internally at ComponentOne to build a robust user interface. After noticing that Microsoft had adopted using jQuery they easily made the choice to build […]

jQuery UI 1.8.13 Release Executive Brief

Earlier this week, the jQuery UI team released the thirteenth maintenance release of jQuery UI 1.8. The following is an executive brief of the release and our recommendation. This release is another in a series of bug-fix releases by the jQuery UI team as part of an effort to clean up the code base in […]

Configuring UI widgets and interactions with .live() and .delegate()

Configuring jQuery UI widgets often means making sure certain methods are called on a given DOM element (wrapped in jQuery) before usage occurs. We see this configuration pattern everywhere in jQuery UI. Great everyday examples include configuring the datepicker widgets, as well as draggable and droppable interactions. A relatively common example is something like the […]