Windows Store Applications with jQuery 2.0

appendTo has been working with the support of Microsoft Open Tech since the fall of 2012 on making a version of jQuery work in developing Windows 8 Store Applications. With the upcoming jQuery 2.0 you’ll now be able to build Apps with the support of jQuery.

VSDoc for jQuery Mobile In-Development

While [jQuery Mobile]( is still in early development, we’ve put together a simple VSDoc file containing the jQuery Mobile-specific methods which have been documented thus far. The jQuery Mobile VSDoc is available now for download on our [jQuery VSDoc Community]( page.Formal documentation for jQuery Mobile is still being assembled at the moment, so this VSDoc […]

VSDoc for jQuery 1.4.4, with early VSDoc Generator Released

On the heels of the jQuery 1.4.4 release, we are pleased to announce the availability of the VSDoc for jQuery 1.4.4. It is available for download immediately on our jQuery VSDoc Community page. Additionally, for this release, we’re also releasing an early version of our C# generator that we’re currently using to create the VSDoc […]

Visual Studio 2010 vsdoc for jQuery 1.4.3 Now Available

We’re excited to release the Visual Studio 2010 vsdoc file for jQuery 1.4.3. It is now available on our website, in our Community section on the jQuery VSDoc page. We’re committed to supporting the Enterprise community, and will be maintaining the VSDoc file going forward for each new release of jQuery. – The appendTo Team