Continuous Integration: A View into appendTo’s Process

Recently appendTo has been leveling up many of our internal processes, procedures, and standards. This has been a long time coming, but has been given dedicated attention recently. One of these efforts, the focus of this article, is appendTo’s most recent upgrade to our continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) procedure and systems. This is one […]

Getting Zumba’s Responsive Website into Shape

We partnered with Zumba Fitness to help with the front-end development of their new responsive website’s home, shop, user authentication and checkout pages. They provided great looking mocks and guidelines and worked closely with our team throughout the project’s life cycle. The most notable requirement was their desire to use the Foundation responsive framework from Zurb.

Celebrity Cruises Responsive Website Redesign

We were excited to play a part in the redesign of the new Celebrity Cruises responsive website. appendTo’s task in the project was to deliver the responsive front-end code and assets for Celebrity’s home page and Destinations pages. We were provided design mockups, wireframes and specifications by Celebrity and used them for reference as we […]

Do you need jQuery? Can you afford the risk?

appendTo produces a bi-weekly newsletter called the Modern Web Observer that will keep you up to date on trends with the Modern Web. Below is the introduction from Issue #30. You can sign up at It seems that the issue of, “Do you need jQuery”, makes the headline rounds every few months. I always […]

Encapsulate What Varies

Encapsulate what varies. This principle has become my motto for development. Whenever I evaluate my own code (or the code of others), I always look for ways to use this principle to make code more expressive and maintainable.

appendTo Congratulates Backbone.js on 1.0 Release

appendTo would like to congratulate the Backbone.js project on their 1.0 release. We’ve been using Backbone.js in projects for our clients and internally for quite some time. Backbone.js provides a way to abstract your applications into separate smaller pieces that are then easy to maintain.