appendTo Prepares to Arrive in Force at devLink

devLink is one of our favorite conferences of the year, a conference whose focus is the developer community.  devLink aims to keep the cost of the conference low, you can get into the 3-day conference for as low as $100.  At appendTo we really value this notion of giving back to the community and why we are heading to the conference in force.

jQuery Mobile Workshop at jQuery UK

On Thursday April 18th at the Saïd Business School in Oxford, England, appendTo will be giving a one day workshop in conjunction with the jQuery UK conference. Our own Ralph [...]

Want to work remotely at appendTo?

Were you a remote worker at Yahoo and are looking for something else after Marissa Mayer gave you the ultimatum to come into the office or find another job that [...]

appendTo Welcomes Jonathan Creamer

We’re happy to announce the addition of [Jonathan Creamer]( to the appendTo team. Jonathan is a lover of all things Web, but mostly ASP.NET MVC3, JavaScript, jQuery, and C#. He [...]

appendTo Welcomes Augusta Hammock

We’re excited to welcome Augusta Hammock to appendTo full time. Augusta has been designing and developing for the Web since 2000, with a deep-running affinity for usability, front-end and back-end [...]

appendTo Welcomes Eli Perelman

appendTo welcomes Eli Perelman as the company’s new trainer dedicated to full-time, on-site training. Eli is a front-end developer with a keen respect for user experiences, utilizing JavaScript, jQuery, C#, [...]

appendTo Releases Juice UI

It’s been an exciting week at appendTo, as we’ve been ramping up to release a new product called Juice UI. Juice UI is a collection of WebForms components that brings [...]

appendTo Welcomes Alex Robson

Alex Robson has joined appendTo as a Senior Architect. Alex is an architect, developer and geek who enjoys working on distributed systems where scale and performance matter. He’s experienced in [...]

appendTo Welcomes Jim Cowart

appendTo is happy to welcome Jim Cowart to the team as a Senior Architect. Jim made the leap from professional musician to writing software 11 years ago and hasn't looked [...]