Avoiding Memory Leaks in JavaScript

Memory management Efficient memory management is a crucial part of any coding practice. When memory management is poor, memory leaks are created which slows down performance and causes crashes. A memory leak occurs when a section of memory that is no longer being used is still being occupied needlessly instead of being returned to the […]


A Simple Guide to CSS Media Queries 

Media types were originally introduced in CSS2 as the @media rule. The original idea was to have the ability for different style rules to be applied across different devices. For example, there would be style rules for computers, another one for printers and then smartphones, tablets, and more. These didn’t get picked up and put […]


Creating Pagination with HTML and CSS

When users need to navigate from page to page, pagination is the best method to use. It lets users click through a number of associated pages. Pagination is an important function for a smooth user interface. Pages may have become longer, but the need to seamlessly transition from one page to another is still there. […]


Intro to Form Validation with CSS Psuedo Selectors

Forms are a major part of most websites. While you may not need to create a form from scratch anymore, it’s good to know the fundamentals of forms. One aspect we’re going to look at is form validation. A functional form should be able to validate users’ inputs from the client side. This can be […]


Intro to CSS Order & Precedence

CSS order and precedence is a challenging part of styling webpages.You may someday find that the CSS styles you’re trying to apply are not working. And it may seem as if the webpage is ignoring your code. This could be caused by conflicts in the order or precedence of your CSS. This article will explore […]


Intro to CSS Selectors: Use Cases & Examples

There are a few fundamental parts of CSS that you need to understand to get the full range and understanding of the language. Selectors are one of those fundamental principles you need to understand. They define what element will follow a set of CSS rules. They also allow you to target HTML elements to apply […]


Comparing Angular 1 & Angular 2 Through Building a Pomodoro Timer

Modern web development offers an incredible variety of tools, libraries, and frameworks to build web sites/applications. As of 2016, jQuery, React, Angular, and Vue are the most popular front-end libraries/frameworks in use. They can all be used to build and accomplish similar things, but in different ways. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each? How does […]


Functions as First-Class Objects in JavaScript: Why Does This Matter?

Functions in JavaScript are first-class objects (or “first-class citizens”). Fascinating, but… what does that mean? Why does it matter? Read on and we’ll have a look! We’ll start with the basics: What does first-class citizenship mean in general? First-class citizenship, within the world of programming, means that a given entity (such as a function) supports […]


‘Find Your Park’ with ReactJS, Google Maps and the DarkSky API

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, an organization established by Congress for “preserving the ecological and historical integrity of the places entrusted to its management while also making them available and accessible for public use and enjoyment”. Among the centennial festivities is a call to get out to experience the […]