Mock Your Ajax Requests with Mockjax for Rapid Development

Most backend developers are familiar with the concepts of mocking objects or stubbing in methods for unit testing. For those not familiar with mocking, it’s the simulation of an interface or API for testing or integration development purposes. Mocking with front-end development though is still quite new. Much of the development that appendTo does focuses […]

Configuring UI widgets and interactions with .live() and .delegate()

Configuring jQuery UI widgets often means making sure certain methods are called on a given DOM element (wrapped in jQuery) before usage occurs. We see this configuration pattern everywhere in jQuery UI. Great everyday examples include configuring the datepicker widgets, as well as draggable and droppable interactions. A relatively common example is something like the […]

Enterprise AJAX Patterns Part 1: From Enterprise Beginnings

jQuery Ajax features provide a slick way to make asynchronous javascript calls from any browser. jQuery even gives us helpers methods to make the calls even simpler. $.get, $.getJSON, $.getScript, $.load, and $.post all give great ways to set up default features and get your ajax calls done quickly. We often see enterprise developers taking […]