appendTo Sponsors RewardJS

Yesterday, May 9th, 2011, appendTo was very proud to sponsor RewardJS for the daily prize give-away. The daily prize goes to the person that fixes the most bugs for the day in the jQuery UI codebase. The prize up for grabs was a 1TB portable USB hard drive. The winner of the hard drive was David Petersen with 5 bugs fixed […]

jQuery 1.6 Release Executive Brief

The jQuery Project released version 1.6 earlier this week. The following is an executive brief of the new features and our recommendations for use of jQuery 1.6 in your applications. While the goal of the jQuery Team is to never break existing code there are also a few rare exceptions. jQuery 1.6 comes with a […]

Good JavaScript Habits For C# Developers by Elijah Manor

Our own Elijah Manor has been giving talks and interviews about “Good JavaScript Habits for C# Developers” over the last couple of months.  Several of these have been recorded to which we have listed below. Last month, April 11-14, 2011 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, NV, Microsoft held it’s annual conference for […]

Learning More About Amplify

Last month we quietly released Amplify, a jQuery Component Library. Since then the appendTo team has published articles, webinars, podcasts, given talks at local meetups and held public development status meetings on IRC. In case you haven’t seen what we’ve been doing with Amplify here is a summary. Amplify article published on Script Junkie Just this […]

appendTo Attends jQuery Conference 2011: San Francisco Bay Area

On April 16th and 17th, 2011, the jQuery Project held its jQuery Conference at the Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus Conference Center in Mountain View, CA with a great showing of about 500 members of the jQuery community in attendance. Eight members of appendTo attended the conference and of those three gave talks on a wide range […]

Announcing Amplify – a JavaScript Component Library

It’s always exciting to craft a piece of code from scratch, watching it take shape and become truly useful. It is even more exciting to see the hard work you have done benefitting others. Building something that reaches beyond our own needs is what draws so many developers to open source, and we at appendTo […]

Webinar: Introduction to Amplify

In this 45 minute Webinar Scott will introduce you to the Amplify library that appendTo has recently released. Amplify is a set of components designed to solve common web application problems with a simplistic API. In this talk Scott will dig into Amplify’s three components to see how it simplifies all forms of data handling […]

VSDoc for jQuery Mobile In-Development

While [jQuery Mobile]( is still in early development, we’ve put together a simple VSDoc file containing the jQuery Mobile-specific methods which have been documented thus far. The jQuery Mobile VSDoc is available now for download on our [jQuery VSDoc Community]( page.Formal documentation for jQuery Mobile is still being assembled at the moment, so this VSDoc […]

VSDoc for jQuery 1.4.4, with early VSDoc Generator Released

On the heels of the jQuery 1.4.4 release, we are pleased to announce the availability of the VSDoc for jQuery 1.4.4. It is available for download immediately on our jQuery VSDoc Community page. Additionally, for this release, we’re also releasing an early version of our C# generator that we’re currently using to create the VSDoc […]

Visual Studio 2010 vsdoc for jQuery 1.4.3 Now Available

We’re excited to release the Visual Studio 2010 vsdoc file for jQuery 1.4.3. It is now available on our website, in our Community section on the jQuery VSDoc page. We’re committed to supporting the Enterprise community, and will be maintaining the VSDoc file going forward for each new release of jQuery. – The appendTo Team