UAT Testing

What is UAT testing? In software development, user acceptance testing (UAT)-also called beta testing, application testing, and end user testing-a phase of software development where the software is being tested in the “real world” of the prospective users. UAT can be done through internal testing where volunteers or paid subjects use software, or more typically […]


Brainstorming a Creative Project Part 4: Conclusion

So far in this series on creative project brainstorming, we have looked at the type of questions and exploration techniques you could use when you’re in the challenge phase of your project. In this last part, though short, we’ll cover how to close the project discovery and let you do the actual work. Closing an […]


Live Long and Prosper with JavaScript

Jonathan Creamer, a JavaScript Engineer here at appendTo, wrote an article published on ModernWeb.com today that takes JavaScript where no JS has gone before. Jonathan takes you on a warp speed journey through JavaScript’s architectural patterns by demonstrating how applications are created today and discusses what the future holds for this continuously changing language from the 23rd […]


A Really Good Second Pair of Eyes

This month (October) is my two-year anniversary at appendTo. Two years may not sound long to you but in the tech world it is a bit of an eternity. My wife Brittany still can’t believe I’ve stayed that long–most of my other jobs have been project-based and have lasted a year or less. When I started […]


Brainstorming a Creative Project Part 3: The Exploration Phase

In Part 2 of this series, you learned what being in the challenge space means and about some of the overall techniques used while there. Now begins Part 3 which will take you deeper into the exploration phase of brainstorming your creative project by investigating on more granular level. Types of Questions We spent some time over the last […]


Brainstorming a Creative Project Part 2: The Challenge Space

In Part 1 of this series we talked about how to set goals and how to avoid the challenge space. In this section we will go into what exactly the challenge space is and how to use it effectively. The Challenge Space The Challenge Space is the phase of a creative project during which you task […]


Fostering Long-Term Business Relationships

Oftentimes, in the wonderful world of consulting, business relationships begin and end with the duration of the project. Your partnership is quick and efficient and if you can make each other laugh occasionally along the way, the collaboration becomes all that more enjoyable. When the project is complete, everyone says their thanks and congrats and […]


Brainstorming a Creative Project Part 1: Getting Started

Introduction The process of creating something can follow a very difficult and winding path. Many people have fantastic ideas, but lack the follow through to see the project to completion. Many times, this is because there is a lack of understanding on how to go about the creative process. We unconsciously think the project will […]


The Office Door Effect

Here at appendTo, we are a fully distributed company. We all work from home offices across the country and world, rarely connecting with one another in a physical space during the normal course of our work day. The key to making this a success has been our perspective of translating the normal human interactions we […]


The Cost of Implementing Responsive Web Design Later

I’ve done more than a few responsive website implementations and there are two ways that it can happen. A site can be coded responsively or you can be tasked with doing a retrofit to make a fixed-width site responsive. Is it better to get a desktop site out quicker and then work on making it […]