Solving the Holy Grail Layout

Searching for the elusive Holy Grail of CSS layouts has lead to many clever solutions, but never has there been a single solution that doesn’t involve hacks or drawbacks. Tables, divs with table-property displays, and absolutely positioned divs are some of the ways we’ve accomplished the Holy Grail layout in the past. With the introduction […]


Replacing Common UI Icons with CSS

Let’s be honest, dealing with images on the web is kind of a pain. They’re a pain to modify, load slowly and require all sorts of progressive techniques in a responsive environment. But, unfortunately, images are here to stay; there’s no better way to capture a moment in time than with an image. However, we […]


Do you need jQuery? Can you afford the risk?

appendTo produces a bi-weekly newsletter called the Modern Web Observer that will keep you up to date on trends with the Modern Web. Below is the introduction from Issue #30. You can sign up at https://appendto.com/mwo It seems that the issue of, “Do you need jQuery”, makes the headline rounds every few months. I always […]


A responsive approach to image scaling with CSS

There was a popular article written a few weeks ago called “Vertical align anything with just 3 lines of CSS“. This approach to vertically aligning things with top and translateY is something we’ve used recently, but in a little different context. We had to fit images into responsive containers that had fluid widths and set […]


l33t literals in JavaScript

Object literals in JavaScript are both a blessing and a curse. In statically typed languages like C# or Java, objects have defined APIs which cannot be modified after compilation. Because JavaScript is a dynamically typed language, objects have no such restriction. I may add or remove properties and methods as I see fit during runtime. […]


EdisonJS – Organized Routing for Complex Single-Page Applications

Over the past few years, “single-page applications” have steadily grown in popularity within the web development industry. As developers have grown accustomed to placing the bulk of the responsibility for rendering these “thick client” apps within the browser, new libraries that provide repeatable patterns for solving frequently encountered issues when using a client-heavy approach have […]


ScreenCast: Speed up image spriting with Compass

Creating image icon sprites is a common development practice to save some file weight and reduce HTTP requests. But there’s one pitfall to using sprites: maintenance. Adding more icons to sprites or editing them is a real pain and takes valuable time away from writing code, especially when you have to recalculate the positions of […]


Getting to know Bower: a package manager for the web

How long does it typically take you to identify and download all of the third-party libraries and dependencies that you want to use for a front-end web development project? Minutes…hours? Maybe even days? It can be a time-consuming and tedious process identifying and downloading all of the libraries you want to use in addition to […]


Announcing a New Technical Presentation Platform: Blazon

We are excited to announce that our new presentation platform that we have been working on at appendTo has launched into public beta. Blazon is a product designed specifically for technical presenters and trainers with this goal: to provide the best way to quickly and easily create beautiful technical presentations.