== vs. === in Javascript (Abstract vs Strict equality in js)

Testing for equality is fundamental in computer science. And while it seems like a straightforward concept (Thing A is the same as Thing B, or it isn’t) there are some subtleties that can, at first, seem strange. For example, it seems a common source of confusion for those new to javascript is whether to use […]


How to Clear an Array in JavaScript

Arrays are awesome! They allow you to store multiple values in a convenient, indexed set. In JavaScript, arrays can be declared literally or they can be initialized using the Array constructor function. But wait… What if you want to empty an array instead of creating one? Hmm… perhaps not as straightforward. Have no fear, there are […]


The Difference Between Ng-show vs. Ng-if

There are a variety of built-in Angular directives for showing and hiding content on a page. Ng-show/ng-hide and ng-if are commonly used directives for doing this. Ng-switch and ng-class could also be used to do this (albeit in different ways). This post will explain how ng-show and ng-if differ in their means of hiding content on a page. Explore Angular Courses


Why Use a Task Runner Like Gulp?

There are a lot of tasks involved with creating and deploying a front-end application.  Common tasks include things like watching file changes, concatenating/minifying files, prefixing files for different browsers, and linting Javascript.  Before task runners like Gulp and Grunt existed, these tasks were often done using shell or bash scripts on the command line. Javascript, […]


Three Quick Reasons to Learn Web Design

In today’s world, having a powerful, professional-looking website is an essential for just about anyone looking for a new career. As an individual, you can build your own brand and promote yourself with a website or blog. As a business owner, having a modern website is critical if you want to keep up with your […]


How to Get Started With Backbone.js

Backbone.js is a very powerful Javascript library for front end development. Notice that it’s not a framework. The advantage of using a library is that it will give you a lot of flexibility, while the framework has opinionated ways of doing things. Basics of Getting Started with Backbone.js Backbone.js has following components: Views Events Models […]


How To Get Started With AngularJS

AngularJS is the one of the most powerful framework present for front end developing. You can develop a complete application with it. It features less boilerplate code. AngularJS is maintained by Google. In today’s lesson I will show you a basic example of AngularJS and in this example you can observe the effectiveness of this framework. […]


Diving Into The Details of Two-Way Data-Binding with AngularJS

Before we get into the details of two way data binding, let’s talk about the life cycle of an AngularJS application. So what happens when an AngularJS App loads in the browser? Well, there are three phases that it goes through: The Bootstrap Phase – This is the first phase which starts when the AngularJS […]


Making Sense of Git – A Visual Perspective

Git is an extremely powerful and popular version control system; however, Git’s command line syntax is far from self-explanatory. Git favors power and flexibility over usability. Its 150+ commands are a mash-up of metaphors and verbs (fetch, clone, pull, commit, rebase, stash, checkout, etc.) – you can’t apply your previous knowledge of those words to […]


Which Web Design Courses Will Best Match My Needs?

You want to stay up-to-date with today’s web design tools, but these days it seems that there are a ton of different options out there. JavaScript, Backbone.js, Less…which tool best matches your needs and your project? HTML and CSS Development If you are a front-end developer looking to create a cutting edge website, make sure you […]