Authors & Contributors

Jake Peyser

Jake is a software engineer with a passion for product development and user experience. His background in computer science gives him a technical depth that allows him to understand complex software architecture, while his client and product experience provide empathy and an appreciation for the importance of the customer journey.

Cesar Anton

Cesar is a senior full-stack engineer and technical writer who’s been a Google Drive Developer Expert since 2013. In his free time he enjoys writing about web technologies; reading about science; and attending tech events as a mentor, judge and conferencist.

Al Nelson

Al is a geek about all things tech. He started gis journey with a Computer Science degree, then spent several years as a software engineer before he realized he enjoyed teaching others even more. Now he’s a professional technical writer with over two years of experience writing for tech businesses and cultivating happy users.


Kyle Pennell

Kyle Pennell is the editor of

Eddie Kollar

Eddie is a freelance writer and software developer. He has a variety of experience in developing full-stack systems.

Kurt Cagle

Kurt Cagle ( is an author of twenty books, blogger, and software architect, and is available for consulting or hire. He lives in Issaquah, WA with his wife, daughters, and cat.

Mike Hostetler

Mike Hostetler is a technologist based in Chicago and works as Entrepreneur in Residence at Table XI.

Joe Zimmerman

Joseph Zimmerman (AKA Joe Zim) has been building web pages since he was 12. As he learned, he specialized in front-end JavaScript and has grown to be quite the expert. He blogs about what he knows on his own blog and several other blogs such as Smashing Magazine, Sitepoint, Tutsplus, and appendTo.

Chase Allen

Chase is a self-taught HTML, CSS, and JavaScript enthusiast. He enjoys creating web pages and web applications. His interests include art, music, movies, food, tech, and just general musings.

Janis Triandaphilov

Janis is a Ruby and JavaScript enthusiast. He runs the Full-Scale JavaScript newsletter.

Hemanth H.M

Hemanth is a Computer Polyglot, CLI + WEB ♥’r who writes at

Jani Hartikainen

Jani has spent over 15 years building all kinds of web apps and he is currently the CTO of a SaaS startup. At his website CodeUtopia, Jani helps professional JavaScript developers become better at their jobs.

Wern Ancheta

Wern is a web developer from the Philippines. He loves building things for the web and sharing the things he has learned by writing in his blog. When he’s not coding or learning something new, he enjoys watching anime and playing video games.

Christine Logan

Christine is a front-end web developer from Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally from a background in computer science, she now specializes in design best practices and how to apply them to the web. Her website is:

Pete Lyons

Pete has been doing professional software development since 2001. His experience includes the full spectrum of businesses from large Fortune-500 Enterprises through growing mid-sized companies, down to brand new startups with a handful of founders. Away from the computer, Pete performs regularly on saxophone with his 10-piece brass band Gora Gora Orkestar and enjoys rock climbing.

Sev Leonard

Sev ( is a consultant, writer, and technical trainer with 20 years of industry experience. His areas of expertise include analytics and data science, software development, web, and business consulting.

Taylor Gipple

Taylor Gipple is a 23-year-old Des Moines native and University of Northern Iowa graduate who works as a front-end developer in Des Moines, Iowa.