AWS Mobile Hub File Storage for Mobile Apps

Using AWS for file storage is a great way to add data upload capabilities to your mobile apps. It can easily be added to your app and give you inexpensive storage space online.

Bear Cahill
Bear Cahill is a freelance mobile application developer who has worked on over 100 iOS and Android apps.

In 2008, Bear founded Brainwash Inc., a mobile app development company in Dallas, Texas. Brainwash has developed apps using a variety of technologies, including Core Data, MapKit, StoreKit, Core Location, and other frameworks for email, address book access, audio recording and playback, iPod access, SMS functionality, and more. The company also provides server-side development (Linux-based Ruby on Rails and MySQL). Clients include Escort/Cobra Radar, ATV Escape, Mobiata, AppCubby, AppNoose, Trey Weir Media, IRCO, Ramquest, Semaphore Mobile, and more.

Bear is also a published author and experienced iOS instructor. Manning Publications Co. published his book iOS in Practice in 2012. He has taught courses for Accelerate and LinkedIn Learning, and has spoken about iOS development at conferences and to outlets such as the Dallas Morning News and CBS MoneyWatch.