Creating a Realtime Pokedex App with React and RethinkDB

In this tutorial you’re going to create a realtime Pokedex app with React and RethinkDB. The app will allow users to look for a Pokemon by typing on a search field. If a Pokemon is not found, it will ask if they want to add it. If the user chooses yes, it will make a request to the server. The server will then talk to the Pokemon API to look for the Pokemon. If it exists, the server will save the data to RethinkDB. At this point, RethinkDB’s changefeeds feature will be triggered and it will send the new data to all connected clients using This will update the UI to show the newly added Pokemon to all users.

Wern Ancheta
Wern is a web developer from the Philippines. He loves building things for the web and sharing the things he has learned by writing in his blog. When he's not coding or learning something new, he enjoys watching anime and playing video games.