appendTo Congratulates Backbone.js on 1.0 Release

appendTo would like to congratulate the Backbone.js project on their 1.0 release. We’ve been using Backbone.js in projects for our clients and internally for quite some time.


As experienced JavaScript programmers we’ve found that our applications can become unmaintainable pretty quickly. When developing jQuery applications, for instance, the piece that is missing is a way to organize your code. It’s all too easy to create JavaScript applications that end up as tangled piles of jQuery selectors and callbacks, all trying frantically to keep data in sync between the HTML UI, your JavaScript logic, and calls to the API for the data. Backbone.js provides a way to abstract your applications into separate smaller pieces that are then easy to maintain.

We’ve used Backbone.js in the following types of projects:

  • HTML5 Web Apps
  • Mobile/Cordova Phonegap apps
  • jQuery Mobile apps
  • Custom API/Frameworks

What our Developers are saying about Backbone.js

“The part of Backbone.js that I’ve always enjoyed the most is the Views. While some may see it as a thin wrapper, I see its power in the simplicity and conventions that it establishes, giving each piece of presentation code a distinct place to exist. Having organization improve maintainability is nothing that should be taken lightly and I think Backbone.js nails it.”

Eli Perelman
Director of Training

“I like backbone because it’s very easy to customize and has great extension points. Plus the community support around it makes it easy to learn.”

Jonathan Creamer
JavaScript Engineer

“Backbone plays a critical role in one of our large-scale client projects. We replaced Backbone.Sync with a uniform interface that spans several transports (amplify, websockets, http, etc.). Our models are now transport-agnostic, which makes feats like multi-browser updates fairly simple. We also created customized base views that can take advantage of postal.js to subscribe to, and publicize events on UI message bus channels. We do this in a declarative fashion, taking advantage of the Backbone view lifecycle to “auto-wire” bus operations to view events that are specified in View.extend(). Overall our experience with Backbone has been positive. It is a good foundation that is stable but not rigid and extensible but not messy.”

Nicholas Cloud

Let us build your next application with Backbone.js

At appendTo we get excited by a challenge. Let us develop your next web application and there is a good chance we will use Backbone.js to help keep it all organized. We even offer Backbone.js training so that your developers can take the code we deliver and maintain it. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your next project.

Kyle Pennell
Kyle Pennell is a marketer and writer with a variety of technical chops (JavaScript, Google Sheets/Excel, WordPress, SEO). He loves clear and helpful copy and likes automating things and making web apps (mostly maps). Found at and many other digital spaces