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appendTo’s [Elijah Manor](, [Doug Neiner]( and jQuery Board Member [Ralph Whitbeck]( will attend the sold-out [jQuery Conference]( in San Francisco on June 28-29, 2012. In addition to attending, Elijah and Doug will be speaking.

Elijah’s session is “Exterminating Common jQuery Bugs” and will share a common set of bugs that tend to crop up as you start and continue to use jQuery. This session aims to help equip developers with the appropriate knowledge and tools to exterminate a subset of these common issues. Solutions range from simple to advanced concepts and will expose some of the newer and more advanced features of jQuery that aren’t as widely known.

Doug will speak on “Contextual jQuery 3: Just In Time & User Actions.” Once you break the habit of initializing everything on DOM ready, you need to be able to predict what users are about to do next so you can ensure it’s set up and ready to go. This session dives into a techniques for setting up portions of your page right as (or right before) a user interacts with it. The techniques learned in this session can leveraged to speed up page load, reduce bandwidth and speed up the overall user experience of your website or web application. Though this is the third session in the Contextual jQuery series of talks, you don’t need to have seen the previous talks to understand and start using this material.

Two other appendTo contributors will be speaking at the conference: Scott González
and Jörn Zaefferer. Scott will present part of the State of jQuery session and Jörn will present the session, “Pitfalls and Opportunities of Single Page Applications.”

If you’re looking for solutions regarding responsive web design, front-end development or performance, come find us at the conference. We’d be happy to help.

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