We’re happy to announce the addition of [Jonathan Creamer](https://appendto.com/team/jonathan-creamer) to the appendTo team. Jonathan is a lover of all things Web, but mostly ASP.NET MVC3, JavaScript, jQuery, and C#. He lends his talents as a JavaScript engineer.

Jonathan started learning the basics of web development at 13 while interning for a friend. He continued with two years of HTML classes in high school before earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology with a Minor in Computer Science from Middle Tennessee State University.

He believes that you can’t ever stop learning, which is why he stays active in the web world attending user groups, blogging on [Fresh Brewed Code](http://freshbrewedcode.com), and scouring [Twitter](http://www.twitter.com/jcreamer898) and the interwebs for as much knowledge as he can squeeze into his brain.

When he’s not working, Jonathan likes playing video games, visiting the beach, and singing and playing the bass guitar. He also plays tennis, basketball and baseball, and is a huge NFL and Tennessee Titans fan. Jonathan married his high-school sweetheart, Lynnsey, and they live near Nashville, Tenn.