Working at a Virtual Company

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You may not know that appendTo is a virtual workplace. Currently, we have 23 people working all across the U.S. and in Europe. We each work from our own homes (or local coffee shops or restaurants when we need to be out) and use the Internet to communicate, meet, collaborate on work, and stay accountable.

Virtual work saves us a lot of time, helps us balance work and family life, and eliminates traffic frustration and commuting costs. It gives us the freedom to help out a spouse or friend, attend a kid’s event, or work when we’re away from home. It even makes us healthier ( But it takes discipline and self-motivation. It takes more effort than plopping down in a cubicle for the requisite eight hours.

Recently at BarCamp Rochester, Ralph Whitbeck gave a presentation on working for a virtual company. If you’d like to review his presentation slides, you can find them at

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