Juice UI 0.9.1 Released

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We’re extremely excited to announce the first maintenance release of Juice UI! Version 0.9.1 has been released today. We greatly appreciate all of the feedback, [tweets](https://twitter.com/juiceui), and posts about Juice UI and had our best code pigeons working on improving the library.

Juice UI 0.9.1 contains fixes and improvements including:

* Improved data/options conversion.
* Improved event handling and error correction.
* Support for buttongroup.
* Support for nested controls and extending Juice UI controls with Juice UI.

We’re also pleased to announce that in addition to the functional improvements in Juice UI 0.9.1, we’ve also added two original ThemeRoller themes: Fresh-Squeezed and Supercharged. You’ll notice that the [Juice UI website](https://juiceui.com) now uses Supercharged. With the addition of a CssManager in 0.9.1, you can easily and painlessly set and use whatever theme you’d like to. The days of individually styling your ASP.NET Ajax Controls are over!

## Fresh-Squeezed


## Supercharged

Thank you for your support thus far and please continue to spread the good word about Juice UI!

* [Documentation and Download Information](https://juiceui.com/documentation)
* [Download the NuGet Package](https://nuget.org/packages/JuiceUI)
* Follow Juice UI on Twitter [@juiceui](https://twitter.com/juiceui)

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