Slides and More from appendTo’s European Trip to BlackBerry DevCon and jQuery U.K.

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As we mentioned in “appendTo Takes on Europe,” CEO Mike Hostetler traveled to Amsterdam to speak at BlackBerry DevCon Europe.  

Mike at BBDevCon

Thanks to Peter Peerdeman for sharing the image with us.

Mike’s slides for his presentation, Rapidly Develop Mobile Web Applications with jQuery Mobile, are now available. View slides. 

“BlackBerry DevCon Europe was a fantastic event,” Mike said. “The energy and excitement around the BlackBerry platform was on a whole different level in Europe. I couldn’t help but get excited about what RIM is doing and is going to be doing from this event.”


From Amsterdam, Mike joined Ralph Whitbeck and Doug Neiner for jQuery UK in Oxford. The conference kicked off with this great video by White October, which put on a great conference:


Ralph’s and Doug’s slides are now available for their presentations but for a different take on their talks, check out these cool sketchnotes from visual artist Chris Shipton.

Chris’ take on Ralph:

Chris’ take on other speakers including Doug:

Find the official presentation slides here.

       Ralph’s slides on the State of jQuery 

       Doug’s slides on Contextual jQuery 

It wasn’t all work and no play for the duo. Meet Sherlock Ralph and Dr. Doug Watson during their visit to Baker Street in London.

Doug and Ralph

Now they’re back, solving jQuery crimes here on U.S. soil. But according to Doug, the conference was so well managed, successful and a joy to be a part of, that he hopes it turns into an annual event. Could Europe take another appendTo invasion?

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