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Two conferences happening in February will feature appendTo speakers. First, on February 7-8, Mike Hostetler will speak at BlackBerry DevCon being held at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre. Mike’s session, “Rapidly Develop Mobile Web Applications With jQuery Mobile,” will offer an overview of jQuery Mobile and walk through the pros and cons of the project.

Session attendees can expect to: 

  • Understand the aims, goals, strengths and weaknesses of the jQuery Mobile project to identify whether it is a fit for your project
  • Learn how to create a BlackBerry Tablet OS application using jQuery Mobile
  • Find out how to use other JavaScript libraries with jQuery Mobile

From BlackBerry DevCon, Mike will travel over to the U.K. for jQuery Europe, where he will be joined by two other appendTo employees and current jQuery board members, Doug Neiner and Ralph Whitbeck. For a not-to-be-missed preview of their trip, watch this short video:

appendTo will produce two all-day workshops on February 9, the day before the main event, covering jQuery Mobile and an Introduction to jQuery. The jQuery Mobile workshop—the public debut of appendTo’s jQuery Mobile Training Curriculum—provides a comprehensive review of the jQuery Mobile Framework, walking through its new features and functionalities available to build robust and cross-platform mobile sites. The introduction to jQuery will take students through the basics of jQuery front-end development and will give them a core foundation for developing with the most popular JavaScript library.

At the main conference, Ralph will present “The State of the jQuery Project.” Attendees will learn how the jQuery project is structured—from the jQuery Board to membership in the Software Freedom Conservancy—and the state of jQuery Core, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile. The session also includes a glimpse of what might be coming in the near future. Doug will present “Contextual jQuery.” In his session, attendees will learn how to develop clean, responsible jQuery code that responds to its context instead of the traditional, define everything, top-down approach. This session will also cover how event delegation, traversal methods and advanced selectors all work together that allows for more efficient and less wasteful code.

The jQuery Europe event takes place on February 10 at the Siad Business School in Oxford. Visit the website for more information.

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