Custom jQuery Training Options

We provide highly-customized, role-based jQuery learning solutions to thousands of developers across the world.

jQuery Course Offerings

jQuery is one of the hottest front-end development toolsets in use today. Designed to work with JavaScript, Ember.js allows experienced front-end developers to move from individual web page coding into full single-page web application development. Currently we offer the following jQuery courses:

  • Introduction to jQuery – 4 days
  • Advanced jQuery – 2 days
  • jQuery Boot Camp – 5 days

Custom jQuery Courses

No team and no project are exactly the same. We can customize our standard jQuery course offerings specifically to your needs, around your project, your people, and the specific learning goals. Customizing the course for your team is absolutely free. Just mention you’d like a custom course and our experts will work with you to define a program that works for you.

About jQuery Instructors

Our jQuery instructors are front-end developers themselves, and understand the importance of incorporating tools and frameworks in the development of web applications. They are developers who teach, because of their passion to help other developers successfully adopt new technologies.

jQuery Course Experience

We believe developers learn best by writing code. Whether you and your team choose a standard jQuery offering or a custom course offering, about 50% of the time you’ll be writing code, building up a greenfield project. You will also spend about 20% in collaborative architectural and design discussions. Together, over 70% of the course is experiential. In other words, you’re going to learn more, faster.

About Our Team

Over the years, we have trained employees at some of the largest corporations in the world:

  • We consistently achieve 95% and higher satisfaction rating from students
  • We’re committed to customization, rather than the “one program fits all” approach
  • Years of experience means we can offer guidance and fresh ideas for learning
  • Our goal is to deliver, perform, and grow with our customers over time