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Elevate your development skills

Difficulty:  All Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Advanced jQuery Techniques

We’ll teach you how to utilize the jQuery library in the context of large-scale applications and show you how to dramatically improve performance, write cleaner and more concise code, and increase maintainability and reusability.

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Angular JS Foundations

AngularJS is a one of the most popular MVC frameworks in building a front-end application, and the best place to start learning about it is at the beginning.

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How to Create Fast jQuery Mobile Sites

jQuery Mobile is one of the easiest ways to create a mobile site today. Mobile development brings performance to the forefront and that is no different even when working with jQuery Mobile. We’ll explore a few ways to get the most out of jQuery Mobile and your site.

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Introduction to jQuery Mobile

Learn how to use its library and progressive enhancement approach to create rich and interactive mobile user experiences with wide device support.

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JavaScript and jQuery Foundations

A solid introduction to the core concepts of jQuery-focused front-end development that shows you how to interact with and manipulate sites.

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JavaScript: Functions and Objects

JavaScript is a powerful language but it has it’s secrets as well. In this class we’ll learn everything about functions that you might not know coming from other strongly typed languages. Then, in the second half of the class we’ll cover the intricacies of a JavaScript Object.

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jQuery UI Foundations

In this class, attendees will gain a foundational knowledge of jQuery UI by learning about each of the interactions and widgets. Attendees will learn how these components can work together to build a user interface that is interactive while easy to create.

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Simplify your CSS Workflow with Sass

Attendees can expect to gain an understanding of what Sass is and how to use it in their project. How to utilize frameworks like Compass to code faster with reusable code.

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Understanding Git

In this course, we will get you up-to-speed on using Git and integrating it into your workflow.

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Using Bower to Manage your Front-End Dependencies

Bower is a package manager for the web. Bower is a solution to solving the front-end package management. In this webinar, we’ll explore installing Bower and the features it provides.

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Web Developers Workflow

Creating a website today requires lots of tools. These tools are becoming increasingly common in web development and can be used to help you in any web project of your own. Tools like Git, Sass, JSHint, UglifyJS, Bower, Qunit and GruntJS. We’ll show you how to use each of these tools and then how to tie them all together.

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