Advanced jQuery Techniques

It’s time to realize the full potential of jQuery. Join us as we delve into advanced topics surrounding front-end web development and learn how to adopt an application architecture that is maintainable and scalable, while still keeping things simple.

We’ll teach you how to utilize the jQuery library in the context of large-scale applications and show you how to dramatically improve performance, write cleaner and more concise code, and increase maintainability and reusability. By the end of the day you should feel confident creating and maintaining advanced front-end-focused web applications.

Course Duration

This one-day, hands-on course is designed for front-end web developers with jQuery experience.

Topics Covered

  • Event Delegation
  • Traversal, Filters, and Advanced Selectors
  • Simplifying Code with Conventions
  • Promises & Callbacks
  • jQuery Plugins

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Private Training

Would you like to have us train your team on Advanced jQuery Techniques in a private training? We’re available for private virtual trainings or on-sites for your team.

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