As leaders in modern web development, we have successfully mastered what it takes to plan, build and maintain high quality software. Our goal is to equip you with our expert knowledge so that you can achieve the same! Our consulting capabilities include:

Code Reviews

Experiencing performance or other issues and can’t determine the root causes or how to fix them? Need to determine if your application roadmap is feasible with your current codebase? Spending too much time and money maintaining your application? Need your website to work across devices?

We can review your application to give you the answers you need and provide the expertise to put you back on track. We diagnose issues in applications and provide recommendations for optimization in the areas of:

  • Architecture
  • Scalability & Performance
  • Extensibility
  • Maintainability & Reliability
  • Portability & Testability

Project Reviews

Have a really big project and need to understand what it will take to get it done? We can work with your team to define a development roadmap and help you get it to the finish line.

Feasibility Studies

Have an idea for your next app but not sure where to start? We can prototype a solution to validate what’s possible and put you on the path to success.