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Continuous Integration: A View into appendTo’s Process

Recently appendTo has been leveling up many of our internal processes, procedures, and standards. This has been a long time coming, but has been given dedicated attention recently. One of these efforts, the focus of this article, is appendTo’s most recent upgrade to our continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) procedure and systems. This is one […]


The Tools We Use

We develop with many different tools at appendTo. We have resources for everything from project management to preprocessing. While these tools change over time, we’ve found our current setup works well for us. In this post, I’m going to cover how we use Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, Grunt, Bower, and Stylus. I’m also going to mention […]


Your next CMS should be Craft or ExpressionEngine

When it comes to content management systems there are hundreds of thousands of options. Even within a specific language like PHP there’s a vast array of different choices. I’m going to talk about two popular PHP CMS solutions: Craft and ExpressionEngine. I want to discuss why, I think their powerful data modeling, flexibility, and communities […]


Errors are UX, Too

Error handling is important. It’s¬†significantly¬†important to user experience (or in this case, developer experience) because it’s living, reactive documentation of your code. The most detailed, wiki-filled documentation can’t see your code and suggest to you why something does not work. I strongly believe that errors (often an afterthought) are part of the user/developer experience, too. […]