Making Sense of Git – A Visual Perspective

Git is an extremely powerful and popular version control system; however, Git’s command line syntax is far from self-explanatory. Git favors power and flexibility over usability. It’s 150+ commands are a mash-up of metaphors and verbs (fetch, clone, pull, commit, rebase, stash, checkout, etc.) - you can’t apply your previous knowledge of those words to make sense of how Git works. The architecture and interface are mostly the same thing in Git, and Git’s abstraction is leaky. But anytime a popular program is tricky to learn, it spawns a number of great blogs and cheat sheets to help people make sense of it. We’re going to share some of the best visuals for making sense of Git. Git as a Timeline The first visual comes from a developer named Patrick Zahnd. He refined and added to a visual called Git...

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