Introducing BareKit: A Bare Minimum Responsive Framework

At appendTo, there are several things most of our responsive projects have in common: We usually need a grid. We use similar interactive elements like dropdowns, off-canvas navigation, toggling, accordions, etc. We write the least amount of code possible. We oftentimes have to support back to IE8. We like to use object-oriented classes on elements to reuse things like float and text-align properties. But there's one thing that us visual design engineers don't like: responsive frameworks. It's not so much that we don't like the idea of a framework to speed up our development, but rather we dislike the opinioniated specificity of most frameworks and, most of all, we dislike overriding the default styling that comes with most frameworks. So that is why I set out to build the perfect framework for our needs. One that is responsive, easily incorporates JavaScript...

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