Free Intro to jQuery Training Video Summary

  Covered in this video: How to get help online for jQuery and JavaScript topics How to use MDN for help Variable Declarations How whitespace works in JavaScript The rules behind using semi colons Declaring Multiple Variables What are primitives? Strings and string literals Escape characters and single vs. double quotes Double quotes must be […]


Powering Javascript with ES6 Generators

Easily one of the weirder new constructs within the new ES6 spec, the ES6¬†generator answers a perplexing question: What would happen if you stopped a loop in the middle of its execution, went off and did something else for a while, then came back? It turns out that you can actually do quite a bit. […]


History and Background of JavaScript Module Loaders

Introduction Application logic for web apps continues to move from the back end to the browser. But as rich client-side JavaScript apps get larger, they encounter challenges similar to those that old-school apps have faced for years: sharing code for reuse, while keeping the architecture separated into concerns, and flexible enough to be easily extended. […]

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Why do ES6 Classes exist and why now?

In 1995, Sun Microsystems started developing a new language internally called Oak. It bore a striking resemblance to C++, most notably in the use of classes. A class was a fairly radical concept at the time; it packaged up modules of functions that had previously been in loose libraries, and then let programmers create “objects” […]