Nicholas Cloud Joins appendTo

appendTo is happy to welcome [Nicholas Cloud]( to the team. He brings a background that includes developing solutions on Linux and Windows platforms and programming professionally in PHP, C#, Ruby, and JavaScript. Nick also has extensive experience with web technologies, web services, and Windows desktop development.

Nick is proficient with open-source libraries and has also contributed to several open-source projects. He’s the founding member of the St. Louis ALT .NET user group, speaks at a variety of user groups and conferences, and writes technical articles and blog posts in his spare time. It was a presentation and article he created based on appendTo’s [Jim Cowart’s]( library [postal.js]( that introduced him to appendTo and eventually led to him joining the company.

Nick has a real passion for deconstructing business problems, creating abstract, reusable and flexible solutions, and creating practical and useful software. When he’s not working, Nick likes to run, bike, read, play computer games, and cook. He lives in St. Louis with his wife, Brittany, and their two dogs.

Welcome, Nick!

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