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Having successfully worked with appendTo in a previous engagement, I was confident the appendTo team could deliver at the performance levels our affluent and educated guests would expect while working effectively with our internal teams. Our responsive sections have increased our mobile traffic to these sections by 3x!

Tina Alexander, Associate VP, Digital and Web Marketing, Celebrity Cruises

What initially struck me about appendTo was both their rapid communication and the flexibility they showed in fulfilling my needs. They professionally produced a high quality product within budget and ahead of schedule. appendTo not only met my expectations; they exceeded them.

Shane Boulware, CEO, THEORYbee

We wanted to embrace our existing advertisers, not limit them – so we set a guideline for the use of traditional advertising sizes. The ads, however, needed to work in a fully responsive environment. appendTo produced a custom wrapper around’s existing advertising solutions. This made the ad regions aware of the available real estate so the correct advertisement could be loaded on all devices. We’re happy and our advertisers are really happy.

Davina Anthony, Design Lead,

The people at appendTo are technical ninjas! There is no doubt that you will get premium work when it comes to HTML,CSS and Javascript...I would highly recommend working with appendTo if you are keen on the quality of work produced.

Ziad Jammal, Founder and CTO, Datum Graph


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